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Open Source Goodness

I just had a perfect example of Open Source goodness. I needed to tweak how the date was displaying in a web application I downloaded and installed on a different web site I’m helping set up. A couple minutes grepping the source code and I found the command to display the date. Three keystrokes later, […]

Key Consistency between Web Browsers?

I am a webmaster. I create (occasionally) and maintain (frequently) web sites for a living and for a hobby. So I have and use lots of different web browsers. After all, what webmaster hasn’t been hit by a browser rendering a page differently than other browsers? This means I have to sometimes look at the […]

Experimenting with WordPress

I am experimenting with a very nice blog system, WordPress. I am using it to manage a project of my wife’s, Right now I’m learning all about how the template system works. Somewhere it seems like I have dropped a [/div] tag, so subpages are badly broken. and Blocked

Email very very similar to the spam I reported on August 7th has been arriving today from, and Their IP addresses were, and But they’ve wised up a bit, they did not set up reverse DNS for their IP addresses. So for now, I’ve blocked all addresses from […]

Do you have the Right to Read?

Is your computer really your computer? Can you do what you want with it? Can your PC that came with MS Windows be changed to run Linux? That book on your shelf, can you give it to a friend? Can you look inside your car’s engine and fix a problem? Can you use non-Honda parts […]


This is the coolest piece of software. WebDevAdditions for Safari. It allows you to more easily see how your html code is rendering. Table cells, paragraphs, divisions, each can have a box outlining that area of the page. Very cool. Blocked

Email from the spammers at has been blocked. They also use IP addresses of their mail servers include: . Gee, notice a pattern? Try visting one of those IP addresses in your web browser. Or visit, or The page is the same, except for the few […]