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Archiving Web Locations (webloc) to the web, now with FavIcons

I’ve updated my script to grab the site’s Favicon. I’m now cleaning up the script, and will post it shortly. (Edited (2012-08-28): I removed this from function from my site, I never really got it to work reliably and have moved on to other systems. It could be useful though to use it as a […]

Archiving Web Locations (webloc) to the web

I’ve written a bash script that works on Tiger which creates a web page of the .webloc files I have saved to my computer. I’ll get the script posted soon, I’m documenting it now. The page it uploads is at

My first telemarketing call since DNC went live

I just got a phone call from 250-649-7428. The lady went right into a spiel about insurance. Some kind of stupid survey. I asked her who the sponsor of the study was. She didn’t know, so I asked for her supervisor. A few minutes later Eric came on the line. The name of the company […] Blocked

Email from the spammers at has been blocked. IP is the IP address they sued, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they hop over to another address shortly.