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I don’t like Spotlight

I’m probably the only person in the world who feels this way, but I don’t like Spotlight, Tiger’s new search feature. The files I store on my Powerbook are fairly well organized in a hierarchy of folders. Three main categories (personal, CDT, and IEF). Inside of each are sub-categories (web site name, support, misc., movies, audio, etc…). One annoying thing about Sotlight is that it automatically searches within files for whatever you are searching for. You can’t *only* search for a filename.

What might be useful would be the ability to search for Eudora messages. Spotlight seems to index the entire Eudora mailbox, instead of each message separately. So I have had to exclude my Eudora mailboxes from Spotlight, otherwise Spotlight is constantly (I live in Eudora) indexing my mailboxes.