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Spammers using all blocked

I have blocked email from any of these domain names: “” or any of these IP addresses: “209.203.192 209.203.193 209.203.194 209.203.195 209.203.196 209.203.197 209.203.198 209.203.199 209.203.200 209.203.201 209.203.202 209.203.203 209.203.204 209.203.205 209.203.206 209.203.207” And I’m close to blocking and the IP addresses they have been assigned. No web site, tsk tsk.

I am a statistic.

MIT is studying blogging. So by blogging about it, I am skewing their results. Cool. (Insert devious grin and cackling laughter here.) blocked

Three more domains used only in spam. Goodbye and

My email address removed from page footers.

Well, the spammers and virus writers have won one battle in the war. I have removed my hex-encoded email address from the footer of the pages on my web site. My email address is still available on the site, on my Contact Me page.

I don’t like Spotlight

I’m probably the only person in the world who feels this way, but I don’t like Spotlight, Tiger’s new search feature. The files I store on my Powerbook are fairly well organized in a hierarchy of folders. Three main categories (personal, CDT, and IEF). Inside of each are sub-categories (web site name, support, misc., movies, […] spam blocked

Email from has now been blocked. They have no public web site. blocked

I have blocked email spam from They have no web site, see ya. Or more accurately, won’t see ya. spam blocked

Email from “the email marketing experts” has been blocked from my mail server.

Automator Rename Files Sequentially works great!

I had a bunch of files I needed to rename sequentially. They were chapters from a book I’m HTMLing, so I wanted the names to be part1-chapter1.shtml, part1-chapter2.shtml, etc… up to part1-chapter13.shtml. By duplicating the file in the finder I got 13 files, but they all had an extra “copy” in the filename. Automator let […]

MySQL Administrator for OS X?

Does anyone know where MySQL Administrator for OS went to? It used to be at the MySQL Administrator Downloads page, but now it’s gone.