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First thing, choose the country for registration. You can also use vocieover. After a few seconds, the iMac started talking to me. Very freaky, and cool. 9:37am.

Do you already own a Mac? If so, you can coonect the two computers together with a firewre cable, and Tiger will copy everything over, settings, applications. you can also copy things over from a different partition on the current Mac.

Select your keyboard. US. Continue.

Your Internet Connection. Enter the TCP/IP information. Continue.

Enter your Apple ID. This is the ID you use for the iTunes Music Store, or for a .Mac membership. Continue.

Registration Information. Hit Apple-Q to not register. This allows you to skip registration.

Create your Account. This is the account on the mac itself. Continue.

Select Time Zone. A cool little map, or a drop down menu lets you choose which time zone you are in. I hit Washington DC without hitting Philadelphia. Continue.

Set the Date and Time. Easy enough. Continue.

Don’t Forget to Register. Done. 9:45am.