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ABZT spam run

Wow, just when I thought the lame loser idiot spammer faking my domain name in their spam had gone away, they start up again. I talked with a lawyer about this, and essentially there is nothing I can do about this, except maybe trademarking my domain name, so I can sue. That’s $500 I won’t […]

Content Negotiation

I’ve been using Apache 1.3x for my web sites. Recently I upgraded one server to have Apache 2.0x. I had been using the “Options +Multiviews” feature to allow me to link to web pages without a file extension. For example, I link to /directoryname/something instead of /directoryname/something.html. This gives me flexibility if in the future […]

Wget and URLs with Ampersands

I just spent more time than I should have trying to figure out why wget was not retrieving web pages correctly. I’ve been using wget for ages with no problems. It turns out the ampersand & in the URL was behaving badly. The solution is obvious, once I found it buried deep in a discussion […]

Blocking ads in Firefox or Mozilla

I surprised myself, but Firefox is slowly getting my attention over Apple’s Safari. The latest feature I love is a plug-in called AdBlock. It blocks advertising images and some of the pop-ups and pop-unders that Firefox can’t block yet. I used a list at of what to block. So far, it is working quite […]


You can customize tons of Eudora settings by using s. They are mostly defined at X-Eudora-Settings.txt. All you do is copy the tag to a new message in Eudora. It will become a link, double click it, and then change the options. A very useful one is: . It allows you to change the text […]

Idiot Phishers

Here’s an easy way to tell an email message is a phishing attempt: If the message refers to a technology that doesn’t exist yet, it’s a scam of some sort. I just recevied this attempt to phish my PayPal account info: Your account will be suspended ! We are contacting you to remind you that […]

GTVCF ended up with 1,535 bounces

I ended up with 1,535 bounces of falsified email addresses.