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I thought I understood web images

Just when I thought I understood how images work on the web; the differences between GIF, JPG and PNG; and when to use each type of image; along comes a new technology: color correction. The ICC (International Color Consortium) has a standard that allows for information about how an image should render by an application. […]

Aladdin’s MAMP

Cool, a stand alone version for the Mac of Apache, Mysql and PHP: MAMP.

Run DOS on a Mac

I’ve never needed to run Windows on my Powerbook, but have needed to run some old DOS programs I wrote. So I would either use the Windows XP machine at work, or my ancient Windows ME machine at home. But today, I found an alternative: DOSBox. DOSBox is a DOS emulator for Linux, Windows (why?), […]

Beware of “Internet Corporation Listing Service”

Watch out for highly annoying yet legal invoice-looking things from the Internet Corporation Listing Service. If you register a domain name, you have to give a working address. That address will be sent a soliciation that looks very very similar to a bill. This is for an annual subscription for being listed in search engine. […]

Interesting Tool

I’m experimenting with RSS Digest. It takes news feeds and allows them to easily be included on other web pages.

Can’t Copy to Paste from PDF

I am researching audio formats for the Internet Caucus and found an interesting quote in a PDF. I selected the text, hit copy and got an error box asking for the document’s password so I could copy and paste. What purpose is that? I wanted to use one sentence from the file. Instead I had […]

MacWorld Info Sharing

I just started a personal subscription to MacWorld. And got my first issue the same day I got junk mail from MacWorld selling my address info. How do I know they sold my info? Simple, I gave them a tagged mailing address. Their opt out information is at They also helpfuly tell you to […]

Joy, Globetech Ventures GTVCF

Wonderful, happy Friday. 368 bounces and they’re still coming in. Thu, 10 Mar 2005 15:32:43 -0800 * Wallstreet Insider Alert Newsletter * Information you can Trust and Profit from. Our extensive research shows GTVCF is on the move with big gains expected on Monday. They will be having a big promotion promotion going all weekend […]

March 6-7

153 bounces advertising PCLI. Here’s the message: jesusita Great Pick For Monday March 7th, 2005 Financial News High Gains Expected All Week, Get In Early Monday. Our last profitable offers: >>> Previous: GTEL – Profiled at 10 cents and since then it hit 35 cents 250% Gains, Don’t miss PCLI it will be even better! […]

Finally installed Fedora Core 3

I’ve been running RedHat Linux 7.something on an old test machine at home for a few years. About a month ago I upgraded that machine to Redhat 9. Nice operating system, it seemed to work fine. So, what did I do? I just erased and installed Fedora Core 3. The install went much more quickly […]