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.ico plugin for Photoshop

A very cool free! plugin for Photoshop CS: ICO (Windows Icon) Format. It’s very easy to operate.

Handbook of Applied Cryptography

You can either pay around $80 for the Handbook of Applied Cryptography, or you can download it from the author’s web site at

Who is TriPromoConsult ?

So now the question is, who is the comapny “TriPromoConsult?” Google shows nothing, except other spam “authorized” by them. It’s interesting that the spam has the letter i in Tri as an uppercase, so it looks like an “L.” Although that could be some silly spammer trick to try to get around search strings in […]

Starting Feb 1st, DTOI spam

Wow, 1,666 pieces of bounced spam touting DTOI since February 1st. Here’s the first one: imperialism +++Investor Edge Weekly DTOI+++ “Where Investors Always Win” 570% Gains Last Month Don’t Miss Our Pick For this week, “DTOI” Will Be Hot Next Week get it immediately, a big promotion will begin Thurday evening followed up by a […]

DTOI – Dtomi, Inc.

Another new run of spam advertising some loser company not worth much.

Microsoft doesn’t think things through

Microsoft has a web page describing the benefits of Windows XP But if you go that page in Safari (under OS X) the page cancels itself from loading. Yeah, that really makes me want to switch back to Windows. I found that MS page after googling a link mentioned in this article at Wired: […]