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Removed MacMerc from my Feedreader

I just removed MacMerc from NetNewsWire, the program I use to read RSS (newsfeeds) from several dozen web sites a few times a day. MacMerc sometime recently started putting an advertising image at the bottom of each article. This has the same effect as a web bug (aka web beacon). Regardless, it’s quite annoying, so […]

Open Source software Quote

This tidbit came from the newsletter: Partners Weigh In On Firefox, IE Faceoff “”It’s much more than a browser share war. It’s a war for open standards, and the forces opposing Microsoft are much heavier than a company,” said Sam Hiser, a consultant and developer for OpenOffice, an open-source competitor to Microsoft Office. “For […]

Virus Warning Replies are Stupid

Great article: Anti-Virus Companies: Tenacious Spammers.

Firefox 1.0 Released

Yerah, finally! Firefox has been released. So far, it’s ok, but I had some problems with the web site. Update: Firefox has a feature that lets you only see images that are coming from the web site you are visiting. I allowed images from “” and is fine.

Wired News: Stop Trying to Persuade Us

A fascinating article by Wired News, Stop Trying to Persuade Us gives a quick glance at a PBS Frontline show, The Persuaders, airing tonight. It is also interesting to note that there are eight ads (4 images, 4 text) on the page of this article.

Idiot Spammer Faking return address

An idiot spammmer is using his network of zombie spamming servers to send out tons of spew selling some over-the-counter stock. And they are faking random email addresses from the domain. I’m up to over 500 bounces that I’ve received so far. Jerk. And the jerks that are running Windows without a firewll and […]