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Gmail Invitations

I’ve got a few Gmail invitations, in case there is anyone out there who doesn’t have a Gmail email address yet. Just send me an email and I’ll get you invited.


  1. Adam says:

    I might be the only one left without a gmail account, and I would greatly appreciate if you could send me an invite.


  2. Not a problem, I just sent the invite to you. Enjoy. Mike

  3. K Jensen says:

    Please send me a Gmail invitation

    K Jensen

  4. OK, you are invited. It’s amazing to me that Google has the strength to require people get invited to their systems.

  5. Jack Aich says:

    Hi — Could you please send me a GMail Invite — Thanks! Jack

  6. Mike Papasotirioy says:

    Hi!!! I would be thankfull if you could sent me an invitation.
    Greatings from Greece.:-)

  7. Not a problem, sorry it took me so long to respond. I’ve been traveling.

  8. dennis says:


    Is there any chance that you could send a
    gmail invite to me?

    email is -stripped out-


  9. You’re quite welcome, Dennis, glad to could help out.

  10. Wish says:

    Hi there;

    I hope you have some invites left. Hotmail has taken all my emails etc. from my outlook and I think it’s time to jump on the band wagon.
    If you don’t maybe you might point my the a direction to receive an invite.

    Thankyou kindly for your time

    Sincerely Wish

  11. Hi, sure thing, I just sent you an invite. Mike

  12. Jay says:

    I would appreciate if I can get invited as well….

  13. Simon Evans says:


    I have been tearing my hair out (not much left actually) looking for a Gmail invite and it is eating into my workload. I have a company POP account (see email address), but they want to switch it off and go to Notes – ugh!

    If you have a spare I would be very grateful if you could send me one.

    Thanks in advance
    Simon Evans

  14. Jay and Simon, Not a problem, invites have been sent. Enjoy, Mike