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How I Seeded my SpamTrap

What is a “SpamTrap?” A spamtrap is simply an email address that is not in active use by a person, and is instead used to collect spam. The usual way to do this is once someone leaves a company, to use their old email address. I do that at work (after I unsubscribe the address from the mailing lists it is on.) but now I also am using the spammer’s tricks against them. They have been spamming addresses that do not (and have never) existed at planetmike. So I simply convert them from my catchall account into my spamtrap account. Makes for a lot less strain on my mail server, as I don’t have to run any spam tests on messages coming into that account. I simply get all of those messages as spam automatically. Today I went through my catchall mailbox and added over 100 addresses to my spamtrap.