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Windows Longhorn delayed (Again)! What a shocker!

“Microsoft’s first beta of Longhorn, the next major Windows client release, has been delayed until the second half of next year and could delay the expected 2006 release date even more; ” Infoworld.

Identical Sites?

An interesting study of the primary gurus of web design: These web sites are identical? or are they?.

Idiots at ???.org

Some loser at a non-profit organization (three-letters followed by dot org) decided to add one of my professional email addresses to their email list. This is called “spam.” They had an opt-out method included in the message. So I followed that process. And got an error message back from their mail server. so I fired […]

A new spamhaus: They’ve hit my web site seven times in the last week. Also mentioned in the spam is a company called “” FreeSlide’s web site redirects to a URL at Other spam I’ve received referencing FreeSlide (going back to March 11, 2004) included references to,,,,,, […]

How I Seeded my SpamTrap

What is a “SpamTrap?” A spamtrap is simply an email address that is not in active use by a person, and is instead used to collect spam. The usual way to do this is once someone leaves a company, to use their old email address. I do that at work (after I unsubscribe the address […]

Ways to Speed up Download Time

This page gives a fairly obvious list of things to do to speed up your web page.

Branding the Web

An interesting article on Brand Value and the User Experience. And another artilce Brand Experience and the Web.

Address in a graphic is legal?

I wonder if a spammer putting their physical address in a graphic is legal, according to CAN-SPAM. The losers at TimeSavers are putting their mailing address as a graphic image, instead of as text.

More LifeSavers, or LifeSavers direct

More garbage from the losers at LifeSavers direct, now called TimeSavers Direct. I love how they don’t believe that the CAN-SPAM law applies to them. Oh yeah, they are spammers, and spammers don’t have any decency in the first place, that’s why they steal. Why should we (or Congress) expect them to follow the rules? […]