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Does anyone know a good contact manager for OS X?

My office uses Macs for everything. Almost everyone has a laptop (an iBook or a PowerBook). And everyone is running either Jaguar (OS X 10.2) or Panther (OS X 10.3). And we have a rather large list of people that we need to contact for one reason or another.
For years, we’ve been using Now Contact for managing our contact database. Basically, you have one computer dedicated to function as the main server, and then everyone else in the office has a copy of the database on their comptuer. And each user computer connects to the database every x minutes to send and receive updates. The system basically works.
The problem is the basically.
We need more functionality. Things like Groups (who is on the xxxx mailing list?) When was the last time someone talked to Rep. XXX’s staff? Who last updated this record?
A huge part of the databse problem is simply keeping the information up-to-date. And that’s a training of the user issue that we will have with any solution.