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Windows ME? OMG!

You may be wondering why I have a Windows Millenium Edition computer at home. Because that’s what came on the computer (Pentium III-733) when I bought it in December 1999. My newer machine I got a few years ago is running Linux (was RedHat, now is Debian). And my next home computer will be a […]

Goodbye Internet Explorer!

I have finally removed Internet Explorer from my ancient Windows ME machine at home. Mozilla Firefox is enjoying its new home. And why have I taken this bold step? Because the US government told me too. Kinda. See CERT Vulnerability Note VU#713878.

University of Phoenix is desparate

I just got some junk mail from the University of Phoenix. It was sent to me at work, with one the web sites I manage as the company name on the address label. Wow, I am so excited! I can now get my Bachelor’s degree. Wow! I guess my Masters Degree doesn’t count for anything. […]

An Example of Good vs. Bad HTML

While working on my employer’s web site, I found a document that was built with really ugly HTML. I cleaned up the HTML, used [H1] and [H2] instead of [font size+2][b] and I am really pleased with the resulting pages. The old page had 15,397 characters. The new page has 14,784 characters. Granted that is […]

Home Page Tweaks

Some people mentioned that the new site was a bit blah. So to add a bit of color, I have added four random photos from my Photo Gallery to the bottom of the home page. They rotate randomly from the various galleries, and of course you can select (click on) the photo to see the […]

Does anyone know a good contact manager for OS X?

My office uses Macs for everything. Almost everyone has a laptop (an iBook or a PowerBook). And everyone is running either Jaguar (OS X 10.2) or Panther (OS X 10.3). And we have a rather large list of people that we need to contact for one reason or another. For years, we’ve been using Now […]

Digital Photo Tips

A good list of tips for how to take better photographs (digital or film): Digital Photography Composition Tips.

CSS Div and Span names?

Interesting article at Stuff and Nonsense: What’s in a Name? Let me think about using the same names to [div]s and [span]s. I think it is a great idea. It would be pretty cool to use the PlanetMike style sheet on any other site someone out there is running.

New Toy of the Day: Tungsten-E

I just got a new Palm, the Tungsten-E. My old Palm (the V) was basically working fine, but the screen was getting marked up, and the memory was really small, only 2MB. The Tungsten-E has a beautiful screen, color 240×240 pxiels (vs 120×120 gray). Battery life so far seems to not be great, but I’m […]

Why is a spammer

Because they send out “helpful” notices to people who send their customers viruses via email. So, their mail server is intelligent enough to realize that someone has sent a virus to a customer? Fine, that’s good customer service. But then they email the “From:” address letting the “sender” know that they have sent a virus. […]