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Six more Applications

I just prepared six more applications against junk mailers, mostly local. It is quite annoying that all commercial mailers do not include a return mailing address. I do a google search, but some businesses can’t be found online. So I call the phone number given, and they don’t have any useful info on there, they just want you to leave your contact info so they can get back in touch with you. Yeah, I’m so sure I’ll leave you my information.

I also emailed one of these companies to get their address. Their web host is so screwed up, their email bounced with relay errors. you have got to love junk mailers, they are so close to the competence levels of spammers. Maybe a junk mailer bred with another junk mailer to give us spammers?

The Post Office though will give me the mailing address of the Bulk Permit owner. But it will cost me $4.40. Let me get this straight: First I have to get this garbage in my mailbox. Then I have to pay the USPS to get the address to complain about. Then I have to pay postage to mail the forms into the Post Office.