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LifeSavers, or LifeSavers Direct

I am blocking these domain names and IP addresses (listed out indivually so they may show up in web searches): 66.54.64 66.54.65 66.54.66 66.54.67 66.54.68 66.54.69 66.54.70 66.54.71 66.54.72 66.54.73 66.54.74 66.54.75 66.54.76 […]

Six more Applications

I just prepared six more applications against junk mailers, mostly local. It is quite annoying that all commercial mailers do not include a return mailing address. I do a google search, but some businesses can’t be found online. So I call the phone number given, and they don’t have any useful info on there, they […]


I just realized my Form 1500 application for Valpak got ignored by the USPS as well. Luckily, their web site has an opt-out form: ValPak Opt-Out. And then I discovered as I was filling in the opt-out form, the USPS gave me someone else’s mail! That must be against the law! I hope no one […]


Isn’t it amazing that of the five (5!) Applications for Prohibitory Order that I’ve filed against Comcast Cable, that none of them have even been acknowledged by the USPS? I guess when I file the next one, I need to send it with a Return Receipt requested, so I will know that the Processing Center […]

AT&T and Slamming

AT&T slammed me a few months ago. I made the huge mistake of giving them my street address when I called their slamming resolution center. I am now gettings tons of junk mail addressed to me as a “former AT&T customer.” Now I know if I ever get slammed, don’t give my mailing address to […]

Junk Mail update

My old junk mail page is a bit out of date. I’ll start keeping it up to date via my journal entries.

Form 1500 records

I’ve been updating my stack of receipts from the Post Office Form 1500 applications I’ve filed. Over 25 companies are now banned from sending me mail. 🙂 Unfortunately the idiots at the local Post Office don’t believe that anyone would not want that stuff, so I am still getting the Advo Shopwise garbage. I just […] Relaunched

Well, I think I’m basically ready to put the new design to PlanetMike online for the world to laugh at, no I mean, to enjoy. Although I’m not totally happy with it, it is better than the older version. Plus it has lots of new content. And the new site will then be my old […]

Extra advertising from

I really strongly dislike (not quite hate) the way that supports their mailing lists. Dear WebReference Update Subscriber, You are receiving this e-mail from WebReference Update and as part of your subscription to WebReference Update Instead of simply putting in ads with their regular content (which they also do) they also send out […]

Washington (DC) Apple Pi Redesign

The Washington Apple Pi is a Washington DC user group for Apple computers. They’ve posted details about their site re-design. Very interesting article.