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Site changes: January 26, 2000

(Snow day from work:) updated the following pages: Played with navigation structure. Fixed a couple more bad links. Added tons of new jokes to about 10 categories.

Site changes: January 25, 2000

(Snow day from work:) updated the following pages: Contact Mike How the site was made Starting adding tons of new jokes to two categories.

Site changes: January 17-23, 2000

Updated tons of little glitches, such as bad links, spelling errors, and such.

Site changes: January 16, 2000

Updated the following pages: E-mail contract Family Fixed various broken links to other sites

Pretty Good Privacy Reference

PGP, which stands for Pretty Good Privacy, is a program that uses two different keys to encrypt (put into code) and decrypt (make readable) a message. The two different keys are mathematically linked together; but since there are literally trillions of different possibilities, no one else can read your message. The two keys are named […]

Site changes: January 14, 2000

Updated the following pages: Resume. Writings index. Main Site page. Added a mailing list for visitors to join to receive updates about PlanetMike. Join on the main page.

Usage Statistics for 1999

  Summary by Month Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits Dec 1999 489 436 330 134 2,101 54,812 4,154 10,241 13,517 15,169 Nov 1999 1,220 1,126 774 239 4,947 151,834 7,183 23,240 33,784 36,604 Oct 1999 978 909 577 240 4,660 128,508 7,440 17,904 28,208 30,338 […]